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We can provide topographic services for any size project, with experience ranging from back garden land surveys and building footprints, through to Surveying and setting out on large industrial construction sites, we have the Surveying and site engineering experience needed to make your project a success.

Based on the Berkshire Hampshire border between Reading, Basingstoke and Newbury, Geopoint is ideally situated to provide Land Survey Services to clients in and around the Thames Valley.

What kind of experience do we have locally?
Topographic Surveys of roads, fields, gardens and building sites.
Floor plans or footprints of houses, shops and offices.
Building elevations from small houses to large commercial premises.
Setting out on large construction sites.

Some Surveying questions answered:

What's the difference between a Land Survey, a Topographic Survey and a Topographical Survey?
Nothing, we use the terms interchangeably on our website as one person may search for "Land Surveyor in Reading" another may search for "Topographic Survey in Berkshire" and another for "Topographical survey in the Thames Valley". We use all these terms to help you find us and whether you have enquired about a Land Survey or a Topographical Survey we will use the same state of the art equipment to measure your plot and any details required with accuracy.

What's the difference between a building survey and a measured building survey?
There's quite a big difference here. A building surveyor comes and checks your building for structural and valuation of purposes, you'll usually need or want a qualified building surveyor to inspect a property that you are buying to make sure the property is structurally sound and to inform you of any potential issues with the property. We can't do this for you, but we can conduct a measured building survey providing you with drawings showing the layout of a building including accurate measurements of all rooms and features as requested. These drawings can be useful when planning extensions and renovations or refurbishments and can be produced for all kinds of properties from flats and houses to shop floors and industrial premises.

Why do I need a Land survey?
For smaller projects you may be wondering if a professional survey is required. Perhaps you're planning on an extension to your property. Drawings including your current layout, building elevations and a land survey of your garden can help your architect or building contractor come up with the right plans for your dream home to suit your plot. Having current accurate drawings to compare with new plans is a great asset when planning what is best for your project.

What is Geomatics?
Simply put geomatics is the gathering, processing and analysing of data about the land. Topographical land surveys therefore are an area of geomatics as we use our up to date instruments to gather the information and then process the data gathered into a CAD drawing for you to use.

Do you provide mapping for utilities?
During a Topographical Land Survey we will pick up all above ground features as requested, this can include manholes for sewers and access covers for water meters and BT boxes.

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