Geospatial Engineering and Surveying

Survey Services

This is a brief summary of the survey services we can provide, for a free no obligation quote please call 0118 214 2557 or email with your site survey requirements.

Land Survey / Topographical Survey

Whether you need a 3D DTM (Digital Terrain Model) or a 2D CAD plan we can provide an accurate plan for you to use. This is most commonly used by property developers and architects.

Measured Building Survey

These can be produced in 2d or 3d and will accurately detail the Internal Floor plan of a building. Typical uses are for Internal Fit Outs, Building Remodels and BIM (Building Information Modelling) Records or to provide Health & Safety Documentation.

Building Elevation Survey

A 2d Autocad plan showing varying levels of detail depending on the project requirements. These can be used for Building Refurbishments, Extensions and Rights of Light for planned developments.

The datum level can be related to Ordnance Survey Datum (Newlyn) or to a local feature as required.

Construction Surveying

To provide an accurate record or check of all stages of the construction process. This can involve checking Critical Set-Out Coordinates prior to commencing construction works hence avoiding costly remediation works or producing As Built Surveys to check or record installations.

Volumetric Surveys of Earthworks can also be carried out to record or assess the quantities involved.

Construction Engineering / Civil Engineering

Accurate Setting Out is critical in the construction phase of a project. We can achieve this by using the latest technologies, a strong methodology and robust QA procedures to ensure the Set-Out Locations are within the required tolerances of the project.

We can also install and maintain Site Control Networks for the life time of a project.

Deformation Monitoring

To detect Structural Movement an accurate 3D Network can be established and then re-measured when required. The results will then be tabulated and delivered in a spreadsheet or report format.

Volume and Area Calculations

We use up to date equipment to to measure and then process your site data for accurate volumes and areas required for building sites and landscaping work.

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